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Professional Development Plan for Your RTO

As an RTO you would be aware of the regulators' (the Australian Skills Quality Authority) requirements for Trainers and Assessors. ASQA states that an RTO must ensure that all trainers and assessors undertake professional development in - the knowledge and practice of vocational training, learning and assessment, and competency-based training and assessment.

If you would like to learn more about these requirements you can read the ASQA’s Fact sheet on ‘Meeting trainer and assessor requirements’ for more information.

Thus, continual professional development in the knowledge and practice of vocational training, learning, and assessment is essential for your trainers. This is particularly important in competency-based assessment and training.


Competency-based training refers to the acquisition of skills and knowledge that is required to effectively perform in various situations in the workplace environment. An individual is evaluated on their skills against a desired set of training standards.

Professional development is not simply acquired through training and assessment, but rather it is an activity that is carried out to enhance knowledge and skills.

As such, an RTO should be able to show how they have been able to develop and effectively carry out a professional development plan that all trainers and assessors have partake in.


  1. Participation in both internal and external courses, taking workshops, seminars, and conferences

  2. Demonstration of results of a recently completed VET product

  3. Taking part in learning networks- This can be undertaken by joining professional organizations that offer training forums on vocational assessment and skills.

  4. self-development through reading journals and publications

  5. Through collaboration and interaction with fellow trainers and assessors

Any evidence indicative of professional development should be noted down and positive results recorded.

Your RTO must be supported by accurate and convincing evidence that demonstrates competency in professional development. Your RTO should be able to back up or validate any information that an assessor or trainer provides.

The below are several ways to verify:

contacting the provider to verify the honesty of the evidence provided

referee checks to verify the individual has obtained the required Industry-specific training

Make sure any evidence collected is stored securely.


It is each trainer's responsibility to partake in personal development throughout the year and it can quite often be difficult to keep track of all your PD if you don’t have good systems in place.

A couple of handy tips:

Prepare for your PD as soon as you can. You should plan ahead, and choose opportunities that will benefit you the most.

Get the latest industry news and updates from your favourite social media groups. Industry bodies post a wealth of helpful information on their pages to keep you up-to-date with changes in best practices, so stay up-to-date on changes in your profession and industry.

It's easier than ever to keep track of your professional development and accomplishments throughout the year. Just save anything you complete on the computer or phone, in a folder that is easy to access. Each time you complete a course, read a publication, attend an event place the evidence into this folder for reference later when you may be required to provide evidence of your PD to your RTO.

We can help you with your RTO’s professional development plan as well as any additional business services you may require for your RTO. Contact us today to learn more about the RTO consultant services we provide to RTO’s Australia wide. Get in touch on 1300 833 424 or email

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