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Our team of experts can craft tailored business plans that are customised to your company’s distinct challenges and opportunities.


Our RTO-approved strategies surpass the requirements, becoming critical tools for successful organisational transformation. With our help, you’ll be able to clearly define a roadmap towards future growth while maintaining strong positioning in either an industry or niche market.

  • What are the competencies of your business?

  • Where is the competitive advantage?

  • What are your organisation’s Vision, Core Purpose and set of Values?

  • Is your organisation aligned with established goals, planning resources, and directing activities toward achieving these goals?


RTO Intelligence has the experience and expertise to provide strategic planning development for organisations of all sizes, levels or situations. The team can also guide you through implementing your new strategy efficiently, which will be successful long term.

Are you considering buying an RTO? We can provide a full intelligence review of your options to ensure that the business meets all your criteria, and we provide you with a detailed report on the business detailing how it would work for what you need.

Are you considering selling an RTO? We can provide a full intelligence review of your RTO. We will help you create a detailed business overview to help potential investors see the value of your RTO.

RTO Intelligence also specialises in feasibility reviews of RTOs. We can conduct a feasibility review using a variety of methods. Our analysis can highlight which areas need investigating further. We will provide a detailed report on the next steps & and options for your RTO, whether to restructure and change, keep and grow, or package and sell.

With over three decades of experience in the vocational education sector, RTO Intelligence offers unrivalled expertise to help your organisation thrive. Our team can provide assistance not only with an RTO business plan but also with compliance and internal audits, as well as course accreditation.


For more information, call us on 1300 833 424 or 


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