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Are you looking to become a Registered Training Organisation? Setting up an RTO takes thorough planning and research, from nailing down your business goals and resources, both physical and virtual, to ensuring all customer service procedures meet legislative expectations.


We provide comprehensive assistance that perfectly caters to each organisation’s individual needs. Get in touch with us today for bespoke set-up guidance explicitly tailored to how you intend to run your venture! Fill out our online questionnaire so we can gauge your requirements more accurately, and then let’s discuss a quote together.

Fill in our online questionnaire to help us get a better understanding of your needs and requirements.

Setting up an RTO requires much consideration, from determining your goals and financial commitment to choosing the right type. Considering factors such as industries served and resources needed, our customised approach ensures that all business processes comply with regulations while aligning with how you want to run operations. With in-depth guidance on staff selection, funding opportunities -including contracts-, facilities and equipment access, and more, we can help realise the vision for your future success!

Download the How to Setup an RTO brochure.


What’s your Why?

  1. Why do I want to set up an RTO?  What’s your Why?

  2. What type of RTO do I want to set up?  (Domestic RTO, CRICOS, ELICOS, ENTERPRISE)

  3. What are my strategic business goals?

  4. What industries will I be providing training and assessment to?

  5. What’s my financial commitment to this project? Do I have enough capital?

  6. Who and What is my market, and how will I attract students?

  7. What staff do I need, and how will I find them?

  8. What facilities, equipment, and resources do I need, and can I access these?

  9. Do I want the RTO to apply for funding contracts in the future?

  10. Am I setting up my RTO under a new or existing company structure?

  11. How will I maintain ongoing compliance?


We will support you in all phases of the RTO Setup and can help you develop your business plan and financials.​


To become an RTO, you need

  1. Decide if you will use an existing company or start one from scratch.  Once this is decided, the ABN and Logos can be used for website and document creation.

  2. Decide on the qualifications you would like to deliver and assess

  3. Prepare your strategic business plan

  4. Prepare your financial plan based on your projected enrollments and estimated overheads (as per the ASQA FVRA tool)

  5. Ensure a detailed TAS (Training and Assessment Strategy) has been developed.

  6. Engage with the industry in which you intend to deliver training to gain feedback on your course, delivery methods, trainers, and resources.

  7. Develop policies and procedures to meet the 2015 standards for RTOs and your business.

  8. Create supporting forms and documentation for ongoing RTO operations, i.e. enrollment, surveys, HR, etc.

  9. Source and buy or write workbooks, assessments, and supporting resources for the delivery of training

  10. Source qualified Trainers

  11. Source AVETMISS-compliant software

Common FAQ

Q. How long does it take to establish an RTO?

A. The registration process for an RTO typically requires 6-9 months from the time the application is submitted. However, if you're applying for a CRICOS RTO, the process can take longer, usually around 8-12 months. The timeline may vary depending on the registering body.

Q. Do I need experience in the vocational education sector to set up an RTO?

A. Completing a fit and proper person declaration is necessary to determine your eligibility to operate an RTO.

Q: How much will it cost to set up an RTO?

A. Opening a domestic RTO comes with costs, including a registration application fee of $8600, a financial viability risk assessment ranging from $1500 to $7000, and business insurance starting at $1500+. Additional expenses such as consulting fees, student management systems, and resources will vary depending on your business structure. See below for more details

Q What can consultants help with?

A. Consultants offer access to an array of essential systems, valuable resources, extensive knowledge, comprehensive training, and unwavering support throughout the registration process.


Some websites associated with setting up an RTO provides details of each qualification available in the individual training packages and details on RTOs that can already deliver qualifications.


ASQA -Australian Skills Quality Authority:


The national regulator for vocational education and training. Regulates courses and training providers, ensuring nationally approved quality standards.

What Costs are associated with setting up an RTO?

  • Consulting Costs vary based on the proposal (This includes all of our policies and procedures tailored to your organisation, including all forms for the running of the RTO)

  • Student Management Systems $1000 – $10,000 Per Annum (depends on the size of RTO)

  • The cost of resources, such as workbooks and assessments for your chosen qualifications, will depend on whether you are purchasing them outright or licensing them.

  • Trainers’ and assessors’ costs will vary.

  • Accounting System $500 – $3000 Per Annum

  • Equipment will vary and will depend on the size and scale of operations

  • Accounting fees $2000- $5000 Per Annum

  • Public Liability Insurance $ 1500 + Per Annum

  • Website Development $2000 +

  • ASQA Registration fees are $ 8,600-18,000 (depending on the scope and jurisdiction of delivery (In addition to consulting fees). Visit the ASQA website for more info: 


**The above costs are only estimates and can be subject to change.  RTO Intelligence can provide a customised quote based on your requirements and input.

Call us on 1300 833 424, or you can 

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