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A reliable validation process for assessing learning outcomes is essential in ensuring the highest quality of training services. RTO Intelligence offers an experienced and unbiased approach to validating assessment tools and practices, saving organisations time, money, and potential non-compliance issues.


By enlisting third-party support on all assessments within your organisation’s framework, you can rest assured that they will be assessed with complete accuracy – far better than relying only on internal review processes, which are often not thorough enough. ​Assessment Validation

As stated within ASQA’s Standards for RTOs 2015, an RTO must make sure:

  • Each of your Scope of Registration training products has to be validated once every five years

  • You plan to validate at least 50% of the training products within the first three years of that cycle.


If specific risks have been identified, validation of certain products may need to occur more often.

ASQA can also specify that certain training products need special attention, where advice will be published to


RTO intelligence can support all aspects of assessment validation by conducting a review of your:

  • Assessment Tools

  • Marking guides

  • Mapping documents

  • Workbooks

We will provide you with a detailed report on our findings.

​​We can support you with the following:

  • Set up and development of the agenda

  • Run the validation meeting

  • we can sit on your validation panel

  • connect you with SME

  • Independent Validation – TAE40122

We will validate the tools you use for TAE40122– training trainers and assessors.

You will receive:

  • Independent validation of the tools used, and processes used by your RTO for TAE40122

  • A written report on findings and if non-compliances are identified, you will receive a rectification plan with suggested fixes.


Want to learn more about Assessment Validation? Read our blog post here.

For more information on how we can help your RTO meet all your assessment validation requirements,


contact us at 1300 833 424  or

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