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CRICOS and / or ELICOS Registration

RTOs who wish to deliver accredited courses to international students must apply to become a CRICOS registered RTO.


During application registration process applicants must demonstrate how they will comply with the ESOS Framework.  RTO Intelligence can support you in all aspects of establishing a CRICOS and / or an ELICOS RTO.

We can tailor all the required policies and procedures, forms and documents you will require to establish the RTO


In addition, applicants must demonstrate how they will comply with the VET Quality Framework. 

Our RTO consultants guide clients through every step, project managing the process for gaining CRICOS registration, giving advice, support and training. The level of support and advice can be tailored to clients with varying degrees of experience. 


In order to become registered in ELICOS, there are a number of requirements you need to meet. 


Did you know you don't need to be registered as an RTO to be an ELICOS provider?  

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