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What are Micro-credentials and how are they advantageous for your RTO?

What are Micro-credentials Micro-credentials are short, low-cost online courses that give learners a digital certification when complete. These new credentials pave the way for those who don’t meet academic qualifications to still get credentialed as they learn more and improve their skills in an Industry area of interest.

They are mainly available through Vocational Education and mostly focus on employable skills. They can also be created by breaking down a unit of competency into smaller or micro-course. These courses are fully accredited and endorsed by an industry body. With micro-credentials, students have the opportunity to identify their desired skill set without committing to an expensive degree. They may already be trained or educated on another level, but are looking for ways to make themselves more, and so wish to up-skill.

The Why of Micro-credentials Micro-credentials are in high demand to meet the needs of future workers who need a variety of skills. This is necessary because many industries, especially those related to tech and digital space, require fast-evolving skills that become obsolete quickly. The current workforce has an urgency for staying relevant if they want to remain competitive in the job market.

Disruption through Covid The effects of COVID-19 have created a demand for Health Care workers to learn how to protect themselves with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Short courses are being offered in specific areas, such as protection against the virus's spread through the use of PPE.

The Health Care sector is the most affected Industry there are however others that will need to adopt a similar approach. ASQA has announced support for RTOs in retail, food and beverage manufacturing, transport logistics sectors as a result of this new infection control training requirement.

Industry Changes In recent years, more and more businesses are beginning to appreciate skill sets over diplomas or degrees. This approach is beneficial for employers because it allows them to hire with specific skills in mind and employ skilled workers strategically, without the pressure of finding employees who have the perfect blend of qualifications. With this approach, companies can design teams strategically, while also opening opportunities up for VET-educated workers who may not have had a chance otherwise because they were passed over due to lack of a degree.

Advantages for RTO’s

The advantages for RTO’s to offer micro-credentials are numerous:

· The completion rate for students will improve, and they're more likely to re-enrol

· Gain a better understanding of student pathways with better information gathered through each learning experience they take

· Far greater reach and endorsement for your RTO’s brand through social media sharing of branded digital credentials each student obtains

· In a rapidly evolving world where skills can quite quickly become outdated, micro-credentials are a key player in finding solutions. Are you looking to add micro-credentials to your course offering? At RTO intelligence we can help you explore the options and software available to offer your clients micro-credentials. For more info call us on 1300 833 424 or email

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