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Non-Compliance – Its Real Cost to Your RTO

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Non-compliance and your RTO – what is the cost?

As a registered training organisation, the possibility of undergoing an ASQA audit is never far away. As such, maintaining complete compliance at all times is essential for the success of your RTO - and for your peace of mind. What is the real cost of non-compliance to your RTO? We will explore this question below.

ASQA stringently monitors VET provider compliance. Any non-compliances identified by ASQA must be rectified immediately. Failure to do so may elicit sanctions on your RTO – even for minor breaches. You may even experience immediate cancellation of registration as an RTO provider. You must avoid non-compliance at all times.

Common Non-Compliances

  1. Assessment – This is the most common area of non-compliance within the VET sector. Assessments must provide context for the collection of performance evidence and practical assessments. Learners must be provided with all relevant equipment and materials to complete assessment tasks successfully and be notified of the time allocated for assessment activities.

  2. Assessor/Trainer Capability – the suitability and capability of an assessor and their judgement is an area of high non-compliance. Failure to maintain the capability of trainers and assessors compromises the trainee or student experience, learning outcome, and quality of their qualifications.

Assessors and trainers must be well informed, professional, demonstrably fair, and hold the relevant industry skills, competencies, and knowledge to inform their training and assessment offerings and outcomes.

  1. Detailed Training & Assessment Strategy – Training and assessment strategies (TAS) will be closely scrutinized during an audit, and different packages for different cohorts will be separately assessed. Every TAS must be comprehensive and provide a framework for guiding earning requirements, delivery, scheduling, resources, and assessment processes.

  2. Enrolment Processes – Information must be provided to learners to make an informed enrolment decision through clear and complete communication. Checks must be conducted to provide necessary student support, and complete information relating to fees and refunds, training venue to schedule, entry requirements, support services, funding entitlements, and consumer rights must be provided.

  3. Student Support/Progression – Students must have transparent access to support required to ensure satisfaction and promote successful course completion. ASQA may survey students to assess this.

  4. Evidence Collection – based on the Rules of Evidence and Principles of Assessment.

  5. Validation – Your RTO must demonstrate that its assessment processes reliably and consistently deliver valid assessment practices and judgements. You must document and maintain plans for outcomes and how they will be used to improve assessment processes in future.

The Cost of Non-Compliance - & How to Avoid It

Non-compliance costs to your RTO include:

  1. Time, money, and effort to rectify compliance breaches

  2. Financial strain

  3. Risk to your business

  4. Risk to your staff

  5. Negative impact on trainers and students

  6. Potential cancellation of VET registration

To remain valid and compliant as an RTO, work with an external, professional, reputable RTO consulting agency to identify any irregularities or non-compliances for rectification before ASQA conducts an audit.

The RTO compliance consultant will help you to:

  1. Tailor your resources for your context

  2. Educate your team on their compliance obligations

  3. Understand and prepare for the audit process

  4. Identify compliance vulnerabilities and reduce risk

  5. Improve your organizational performance

Ensure Compliance – Call RTO Intelligence

RTO Intelligence is a leading RTO consultant company based in Melbourne. We have over two decades of expertise in business, IT, government policy and education within the VET sector. Our specialties include RTO compliance, internal RTO audits, course accreditation, acquisition and setup, and business intelligence reporting. Our reputation in this industry speaks for itself, and we are very proud to deliver unrivalled RTO support services.

For all RTO compliance services and much more, call us on 1300 833 424 or connect with us via our online contact form.

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