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Registration Renewal for your RTO

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

RTOs are generally registered for two years, and at the end of that period will have to apply for a renewal.

To know when you are due for re-registration renewal for your RTO, you can check to find out when your current registration will expire; you can find this by going to

To renew your registration with ASQA for your RTO, you should send in a completed renewal application at least 90 days before expiration. If they don't receive it by this time, there is a chance that they will not be able to process it on time and, therefore, may not renew your registration.


$500 per application for RTO renewal. The Australian Skills Quality Authority will issue an invoice once the request to renew the application has been received in ASQAnet. They won't process any applications until this payment has been made in full.

If you are a CRICROS provider, there are additional fees to apply for registration renewal: A CRICOS renewal lodgement fee costs $500 per application and a complete assessment fee of up to four qualifications plus two delivery sites at $8600 total.

Additional fees may apply if your current credentials include more than four different qualifications or two delivery sites, $155 per additional qualification or $280 per additional delivery site.

Whilst an audit is not always a part of re-registration, depending on your compliance history, it often can be.

ASQA will assess the following to determine whether an audit of your RTO will be necessary:

  1. Your RTO's audit history

  2. history of complaints of your RTO

  3. compliance

  4. on-time payment of fees to ASQUA

  5. whether you have submitted the declaration on compliance for your organisation confirming your RTO's compliance

You want to learn about your RTO's compliance history, you can email

It would be best if you prepared for the likelihood of an audit, where ASQA will ask you to submit specific documents for a preliminary review; it will most likely include the following:

  1. Copies of your RTO's marketing material relevant to the training products offered

  2. Copies of agreements in place with third-party providers

  3. Pre-enrollment details, forms and supporting enrollment evidence

  4. training and assessment strategies

  5. All of the RTO's trainer and assessor's qualifications documents

  6. Student files for assessment if an offsite audit

If a site visit is required, the auditor will ask for additional evidence to confirm their findings and will most probably assess your student files. Audits are evidence-based, so you must ensure you have prepared all the documents required to demonstrate compliance.

If your RTO is due for renewal, we can help ensure you complete the process correctly or answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more about the RTO re-registration. Get in touch on 1300 833 424 or email

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